Rowdy Gaines - LIMU's World Class Olympic Gold Medalist

Masters National Championships – Mesa, AZ

May 3, 2011  |  blog, clinics, events

Nearly 2000 swimmers competed along with TEAM BLU FROG at the United States Masters National Championships in Mesa, AZ, this past weekend.

I was very proud of our team! Everywhere we went for the four days we were there, the guys were promoting both our team and all of the LIMU products! There were so many questions and it was fun talking about both.

Our team was 10th overall out of 189, a jump from 27th last year and 79th the year before that (when I was the only member). We did it with far less members than most others ahead of us, as you can see below. Also, the teams in front are traditional powerhouses that have been around for a long, long time. Their time is over. Our goal is to be National Champs by 2013 after cracking the top 5 next year.

Name of club – # of members

1. The Olympic Club — 24
2. San Diego — 20
3. West Hollywood — 26
4. Phoenix — 45
5. Longhorn — 9
6. Ventura County — 13
7. Walnut Creek — 14
8. Rose Bowl — 17
9. Irvine Nova — 17
11. Woodlands —13
12. Nitro — 11
13. Virginia — 7

Every TEAM BLU FROG member scored points for us, meaning they had to be in the Top 10 in their event (so it wasn’t just me scoring all the points).

We also made an appearance at the local Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix. They were very appreciative of our being there and signing some autographs for the families staying at the house. This is going to be a great tradition that Justo Nunez (LIMU’s Vice President of Community Relations) has created with me, trying to visit the local Ronald McDonald Houses during my travels. It is an incredible organization we partner with.

Also, I broke the Masters National Record in the 50 free! It was the fastest time in history in my age group (50-54) and my personal best since turning 50. The time was 21.36, which bests my previous best of 21.38.

There are tons of videos on the website ( and we will follow up with pictures soon. Thank you for all of your support! I really appreciate it!



  1. Team Blu Frog–we are very proud of you and what you stand for. Thanks for being our ambassadors. We are cheering you on to victory.

  2. Congratulations Rowdy and team BLU FROG. We really appreciate how you are representing us and The LIMU Company. I’m Tommy Liles and IAMLIMU!

  3. Congratulations Rowdy!!! With God, LIMU & BLU FROG we can do it. Go for it!!!!

  4. Rowdy, it is always great to see the wonderful things you do beyond beating records. Glad to know we are on the same Team. LIMU, BLU FROG and LIMU LEAN, all powering us to make great things happen for us and the charities we support!

    Congrats Team BLU FROG on a job well done! Blessings to all of you in the future!

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